For contact information to the bank, please see Bankkontakter.

When you talk with the bank

Contact the bank immediately to seek loan. Many bank administrators are unfamiliar with conversion from rental apartment to condominium (”bostadsrätt”), so it is extremely important that you point out that you should not need a 15% cash deposit (“kontantinsats”). That’s because the price of your apartment is 70 % of the valuation of your apartment. This is especially important to say if you call the bank’s exchange / mortgage group.

Important to keep in mind when talking to a bank and applying for a loan during a conversion:

  • Point out that price (“insats”) is not the value – show valuation and the document ”bankpromemoria”
  • The bank wants to see financial plan for the association (“ekonomisk plan”)
  • 0 kr in cash contribution (”kontantinsats”) should be offered when the contribution is below the mortgage ceiling.
  • Dare to ask – banks are usually more generous in a conversion.

If the bank says no

  1. Ask why they says no
  2. Ask how much you can borrow
  3. Contact Restate.

If you have plenty of payment remarks or are hourly employed and the ”ordinary” bank (for example Nordea, Swedbank, Handelsbanken, SEB etc.) says no you can ask alternative banks as Svea Ekonomi, Nordax bank, Bluestep, Marginalen Bank. For contact information, please see Bankkontakter.

Internet application

Many banks want you to fill in an application on their web site. The banks websites are not customized for a conversion from rental apartment to condominium (”bostadsrätt”). It’s very importante that you fill in the right numbers in the right places. All the banks applications looks different, but we’ve tried to do a summary;

The price of the apartment (”Pris på din lägenhet”/”Förväntat slutpris) – the market value of your apartment (the real estate agents valuation).

How much you want to borrow (”Hur mycket vill du låna”/”Lånebelopp”) – the actuall price you have to pay for your apartment in the conversion (”insats”). This is 70 % of the real estate agents valuation.

Cash (”kontantinsats” / ”eget kapital”) – the differens between the value of your apartment and what yor’re going to pay for it (the price you’ll pay, ”insats”).


You’ll find the assosiations documents here. Information about the price of your apartment, value, monthly fee etc. has been posted to your home adress. If you’ve lost it, please contact Restate.

Contact Restate

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need anything further explained!